My passion for natural light portrait photography began when I first became a mother.  By 2002, we were blessed with three children under the age of five.  A film SLR camera, a gift from my own Mom, became my go-to creative way to step outside of motherhood's chaos and just observe the moments and details of our children's lives that were quickly disappearing before I was ready to let them go. 


Summer 2009

Behind the lens

Challenging myself to capture the essence of our children’s personalities and relationships through images, especially with black & white film, evolved into doing the same for other families.  It was becoming evident that going back to my corporate career wasn't what we wanted for our children, so in 2004, with the unconditional support of my family, we started Donna Owens Photography.  

With each passing year, I strive to be more present, reflective of the past, and optimistic for the future.  I feel so lucky to be able to use my photography skills to help others celebrate a special time or just an everyday moment in their lives.