Deposits, Payments & Previewing Images


No deposit is required. I book a limited number of appointments per day to allow for last minute tweaking for unexpected weather issues.  

A down payment of $250 is required to access your online previewing gallery and will be credited to your Collection 1, 2, or 3 invoice (you chose the package that is right for you after viewing the online previewing gallery). 


Your gallery will be ready approximately two weeks after your session and will be active for 4 weeks. Every photography session is different so each client’s gallery will have a unique number of final edited images.  Most sessions result in at least 50 images.

What to Wear


Simple, timeless, comfortable, and coordinating....solid colors (jewel tones, neutrals, pastels) or subtle patterns generally photograph better than bold colors, patterns or graphics which tend to be more distracting.


Dressing comfortably provides the most flexibility for sitting on the ground, holding or kneeling with younger children, and feeling relaxed so that we are focused on you and your personality coming through in the images without having to worry too much about what you are wearing.  I'm happy to discuss your ideas any time!    

Inclement Weather & Session Location


If it’s not raining, we can work outside. If the weather is questionable, we'll chat on the day before or day of the session to reconfirm the session or determine a contingency plan.  I try to remain flexible a few hours before and after our scheduled session time in order to tweak the start time for weather if your schedule also always for that same flexibility.

We live in such a great area for outdoor photograph sessions! I’m always interested in hearing a client’s ideas, but if you are looking for advice, I have a few favorite parks, gardens, monuments, and urban areas for us to consider. 

Editing the Images 


All of the images posted to your online previewing gallery are individually custom-edited to my own personal high artistic standards.  I do not present or sell unedited/soft edited or the RAW images.     

Receiving your Images & Resolution Size


The digital images for Headshot Sessions are sent to your email address through Dropbox. Digital images for all other Sessions are mailed to your street address on a flash drive.      

All purchased digital images are appropriate for online sharing and are print-ready (no watermarks) up to 12” on the longest side allowing you to make unlimited personal copies. If you would like to purchase a reprint larger than 12” on the longest side, I offer reprints and canvases a la carte and can provide you with a price list upon request. Reprints sized 5x7 and smaller begin at $30 each. Once you decide if you will be purchasing Collection 1, 2, or 3, I can provide you a unique discount code for your reprint and canvas purchases (Collection 1: 10% discount, Collection 2: 15%, Collection 3: 20%).

Gift Certificates & Copyrights


Gift certificates are a great gift idea for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, Birthdays, Anniversaries.....I'd love to help you celebrate and creating a lasting memory you can share with your family and friends.  

‘Copyright’ simply means that I am the creator of the image, and therefore, I retain the copyrights to all images with the rights to use them for promotional purposes, competitions, professional reviews, etc.  For any digital images that you purchase, you will also receive a print release and there will not be a watermark on them.