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The Headshot and Social Media Session Welcome Guide


Thank you for your interest in my headshot and social media photography. 


Congratulations on getting to this step!  Chances are, if you're reading this, it's because you have intentionally made a plan to update your online presence.  Whether you are contemplating a career change, just got a promotion, looking to expand your networking efforts professionally and/or socially, or all three, having an authentic and professional headshot is an excellent next step in your action plan.   

It really is an exciting time and I'd love to help you move through this next stage.  Together, we can design a creative and natural headshot session to fit your goals so that you can put your best foot forward in the next steps of your journey.    

"Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The Experience: 


Book Your Session


  • Mutually agree on the session date & time 

  • Chat on the phone for the pre-session consultation to discuss and customize your session’s details (location options, what to wear, how to prepare, etc)

  • Electronically sign my Photography Agreement to officially hold your session date & time on my calendar. The Photography Agreement details the processes, prices, timelines, copyrights, model releases, and rescheduling options.

  • No advanced deposit is required  


Advance Preparations


  • Review this Headshot and Social Media Session Welcome Guide for ideas and details about your upcoming session 

  • Finalize your session location

  • Start planning what you will wear for the session 

  • Feel free to text pictures of what you are considering wearing if you would like feedback and suggestions for what will photograph well


Session Day


  • Touch base the day before the session to double confirm our plans and exact meeting location

  • Discuss a contingency plan if the weather looks like it may be questionable

  • Relax and trust's going to be fun!  



Online Image Previewing Gallery


  • Expect a request to pay the $250 non-refundable session fee approximately two weeks after your session.  You can pay by credit card, Apple Pay, or mail me a check.  

  • Access your online, private, sharable previewing gallery once your payment is received

  • Every client’s online gallery is unique, but most 30 minute sessions yield 30 + custom-edited images

  • Three digital images are included in the $250 session fee.  If you would like to purchase more than three images, there is an a la carte option for additional images ($50 each) and professionally printed products. 

  • Spend the next four weeks deciding which images are your favorites! 


Finalize Your Order


  • Schedule your optional post-session consultation to discuss your final selections 

  • Finalize your order over the course of the month

  • Your online previewing gallery will expire after four weeks. A two-week extensions of the online gallery can be purchased for a $25 reposting fee. 



Order Delivery


  • Your selected digital images will be accessible for you through a shared Dropbox Folder for two week.  From the Dropbox Folder, you can download the images to your own device(s). 

  • Any optional printed products ordered will be arranged for client pick-up in Arlington, VA

Location Decisions: 

Urban, Iconic DC, Parks & Nature, Rustic, Botanical Gardens…..the Washington DC Metro area has so MANY great location options for a headshot photography session to set the tone for your images.  


Please keep in mind that the primary focus of your session will be YOU!  


Locations certainly play a role in the overall experience, but wherever we decide to have your session, my priority will be on capturing your authentic personality in a complimentary environment.  The location and background scenery will be our secondary focus to enhance the images and your session experience.  


Do you already have a special place in mind for the session?  Do you need suggestions?  I’d be happy to discuss the places that I frequented for headshot sessions or we can brainstorm together about a new place for your session.   

Things to consider when making a location decision such as time of year, time of day, lighting, parking, ease of accessibility, other people in the background, and commercial photography restrictions. Some location require a special photography fee - if you select a location that does have any special fees for the session, I will kindly ask for client reimbursement.     

What to Wear: 

While the focus of your images will be your face and expressions, I want you to feel relaxed so it’s important to wear things that help you feel that way.  If it’s uncomfortable, doesn’t stay tucked-in, only looks good from one angle, keeps coming unbuttoned, or makes you feel self-conscious, it’s probably not the right outfit.  It’s hard to overcome those feelings and restrictions when you are in front of the lens, so making good decisions ahead of time will help get the session started on a good note.   

Since your session fee includes three images, you may want to consider images that show more than just your head and shoulders.  It's nice to have a variety of images showing more of your torso, lap when seated, and possibly even a full body image - which does require planning to coordinate your outfit from head to toes if you want more than just the typical head and shoulders crop images.  


The majority of my headshot sessions include two outfit changes: a more formal business look and a casual social look.  If you'd like to consider other options, let's discuss a plan which may be dependent on the location that you choose for your session and may require more time for the session's clothing changes.  


Here are some ideas to consider when choosing what to wear, but ultimately, the goal is choose something that you love and that captures your personal style. You also want to consider the 'seasonality' of what you choose to wear.....headshots and social media profile images are generally used year-round, so think about wearing clothing in which you can't easily tell what time of year it is.  


  • Pick a favorite item: Start with one clothing piece that you love - a solid or subtle pattern.  Coordinate the rest of your outfit from that anchor point.  Necklines and subtle details in head & shoulder images are important - you want 'interesting' but not 'distracting or too busy'.  Look for something beyond just straight lines, such as a jacket with a collar over a shirt without a collar, or a shirt with a collar over a collarless jacket. In generally, avoid stark horizontal pattern or clothing lines, such as a turtle neck, which may sharply divide your head from the rest of your body.      

  • Colors: Jewel tones, pastels, light colors, and neutrals tend to be softer and more complimentary for most skin tones versus stark white, black, and bright red.  Neon colors can be very overwhelming. Navy blues also often look 'black' in photos and sometimes blacks look washed out and/or show every piece of lint.    

  • Layers and textures: Layers and textures can add interest and softer fabrics tend to look less stiff or wrinkled. 

  • What to avoid: Large brand names, graphics, and bold patterns. Clothes that are too tight or too loose.   

  • What adds interest: Subtle jewelry, a variety of clothing necklines, jackets with collars....happy to talk in more detail!      

  • Comfortability: In most headshot sessions, it's great to be able to highlight your face, expressions, and body language by standing, sitting, and leaning - think about how this impacts what you choose to wear.  In order to get a variety of images, be prepared for me to photograph more than just your head and shoulders.....different angles may capture your waist, legs, or even your shoes if you are seated.  Think about whether it’s hard to sit, stand, or lean in what you will be wearing. You should be able to comfortably move, sit or stand without worrying about what you are wearing for fear of exposing something you don't want exposed in the images. PRO TIP: Try on what you are thinking about wearing and do a slow 360 degrees spin in front of the mirror (or having some else help you) and look for things that you don't want to be seen in the images (undergarments, garment tags showing, etc.) and make any necessary adjustments in advance of the session date.     

  • Pulling it all together: Once you think you have good plan, lay out your choice and have plan for what you want to wear first and how you will change from one outfit to the next, especially if the photo session will be in a big public location without easy access to bathrooms or your vehicle.  Have an advance plan for any jewelry and your hair and make-up.  

  • Ironing, Lint and Stains: Does anything need to be ironed in advance?  It helps to minimize session day stress when the ironing or dry-cleaning are done ahead of time. If it wrinkles easily, such as a jacket, bring it to the location verses wearing it to the location.  Do you need a lint roller?  Black/dark colors have a tendency to show hairs and lint.  Look for stains and adjust as necessary.    

  • Unload your pockets: Cell phones, keys, wallets, sunglasses, hair band on wrists...leave as much in your car as possible. If you need to bring a brush/comb, purse, mirror, or a way to touch-up your make-up, we can keep those items close-by but out of the frame.  

  • Glasses: If you wear glasses, make sure they have clean lenses.  Blue light glasses will look discolored in the images, and progressive lenses that darken into sunglasses are hard to 'see' your eyes.  If you have plain lenses, they will photograph better.  

  • Check your hands:  If your hands show in some of the images, are you OK with your nails polish and/or jewelry? 

  • Seasonality: Remember that these images are probably going to be used year-round so taking the time to choose what will good in all seasons and for a few years without looking trendy will be worth it.  


You can also text me photos of your outfits considerations if you are looking for feedback.  

Session Images and Additional Digital Image Pricing: 

Prices are subject to change at any time and are locked upon signing the photography agreement. 

Virgina Sales Tax of 6% will be added to all sessions and product orders. 

The Headshot and Social Media Session 

an all-inclusive experience custom-designed with and for professionals


- pre and post-session consultations 

- creative/sitting fee for up to a 30 minute photography session

- two outfits (formal and casual look)  

- editing and hosting fees for an online, sharable, private previewing image gallery of custom-edited images (most 30 minute sessions include 30+ images)

- 3 custom-edited digital images you select from your previewing image gallery (additional digital images can be purchased a la carte for $50 each)  



What if it rains on our day of our session? 


I shoot outdoor session in any kind of weather except for the rain, so if the weather forecast is predicting rain, we can chat on the day before your session to reconfirm the session or discuss a contingency plan.  I book a limited number of appointments per day to provide for some last minute tweaking of session start times based on unexpected weather changes.  If it’s a total wash out, we can usually find another session time that works.    

Can you edit out blemishes? 


For every session, I spend hours in the post-production stage editing your images to my creative and artistic standards.  I remove temporary blemishes, such as pimples, scratches or prominent bruises but I do not edit with photoshop to achieve pixel manipulation.  After viewing your images, please ask if you have additional editing concerns.      

Will I have both color and black & white images in my gallery? 


I’ve always loved Andri Cauldwell’s quote, “To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”  I always like to offer a few black & white images in a client's gallery just to provide additional alternatives to color images unless you specify 'color only'.    

How do I choose which images from my gallery to purchase? 


If you'd like to schedule a post-session consultation, we can discuss your images in more detail.  I’m always available to help you decide which images you want to obtain digitally.   

Can I purchase more images (digitals or printed products) at a later date? 


Your private online gallery will be accessible to you for 4 weeks and is sharable with anyone you choose to provide the link.  It’s important to make all of your ordering decision during the time that your gallery is active. We can schedule a post-session consultation within the 4 weeks so that you are prepared to make your final decisions and I can efficiently process your complete order at one time.  I do have a digital storage system in place but I don’t guarantee that I will digitally store your images indefinitely.  If you discover that you would like to make an additional purchases after your gallery’s expiration, please inquire and hopefully I can help.     

Questions?  Please text, call, or email me anytime:

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