By 5th grade, I was stressed out about reading longer books and nervous about reading out loud...

“In elementary school, half of my classes were taught in Spanish and half were in English. It was hard keeping track of the spelling rules, like two L’s make the ‘Y’ sound in Spanish. By 5th grade, I was stressed out about reading longer books and nervous about reading out loud in class.

I started private school in 6th grade. I didn’t like being the ‘new kid’, but after a few months, I liked school. Everyone could relate to how difficult it was to read. For high school, my family decided I would go back to public school. It was exciting but I was nervous because my elementary school friends had more friends now. I knew I would feel not exactly left out, but kinda alone.

My teachers in high school knew what dyslexia was, but they didn’t know as much about teaching a dyslexic student as my private middle school teachers did. In high school, I would listen to books with my earbuds. When we were reading “1984”, a lot of my classmates wanted to listen to the audio version and use the book to follow the text. The coolest book that we’ve read this year in English was “Persepolis”. The author wanted people to know that Iran is not all bad and full of terrorism or masochist people. For math tests, I get a note sheet so that I don’t have to memorize formulas. I wish teachers were more patient. Sometimes they teach too fast and then you are kinda stuck.

I’m learning American Sign Language (ASL) now. We get to move around to act out the words we are signing. You don’t have to spell everything in ALS. Most of the words are signs so you only have spell a few words here and there. It’s easy to memorize the signs because you move around as you are learning them and get to practice a lot. I’ll take ASL 3 next year. We are going to visit the first all-deaf Starbucks in Washington, DC.

I think I’ll study Science in college, but I’m pretty good at Economics too. People in my class ask me questions and that makes me feel special.

I play soccer and football. Gotham is my favorite TV show because I like how Batman grows up and faces his fears. Facing your fears is a big message in the Gotham show.”