I have lots of different ways to read. I listen and eye read at the same time.

"I’m in 6th grade. My 3rd grade (private school) teacher recommended that I get tested for dyslexia. I didn’t understand the testing. I just thought I had problems with spelling and I had to skip library class to have a private tutor. For 4th grade, I was homeschooled. Then I started attending another private school in 5th grade.

A few of my friends at my new school are also dyslexic. It’s nice to have someone at school who really understands. I have lots of amazing great friends, but sometimes it’s hard for them to understand my dyslexia. I’ve never met any dyslexic adults, but I know there are lots of dyslexics working at NASA.

Spelling is hard for me so it takes me a long time to write. Middle school has lots of note taking.

I love a good book and I read in my free time. My favorite books are WWII historical fictions. I love the stories, as long as they are not too factual. I just finished listening to a book this morning, “Flygirl”. My favorite book series is the Lunar Chronicles, especially the first book, “Cinder”. They are all fairytales with modern twists.

I have lots of different ways to read. I listen and eye read at the same time. I use this app on my iPad which puts the text in a dyslexic font which makes it easier to read. I also love to listen to audio books while I paint at the same time. My grandmother gave me these really cool watercolor pens. I typically paint whatever I’m feeling at the moment: patterns, people, nature. No one in my family is an artist, but I was always crafty.

Learning new vocabulary is pretty easy for me because I read so many books. I already know most of the words.

My mom is really good at speaking up for herself so I think she passed those skills on to me. All of my teachers have been really happy to help me. My advice to other kids: Don’t be scared to go ask your teachers for help. Everyone needs help whether you are dyslexic or not.

I want to go to Texas A&M because they have a great mechanics school and softball team, and my parents are alumni. I love structural engineering and chemistry, especially explosions, probably too much for my own good."