Finished my first year in college and learned how to read....finally!

"In high school, I’d give up when I didn’t understand what I was reading. Then my ADHD would kick in and I’d watch YouTube instead. I wasn’t dealing with my dyslexia at all. Instead, I was dealing with my mental health issues.

But my grades were mostly good. The occasional bad grade didn’t matter because I had great relationships with my teachers. They’d help with math word problems and explain things that I didn’t understand. But having to actually deal with reading books….that didn’t happen. I felt very stupid in high school.

Now I’m in college. It kinda sucks because I’m an Anthropology major and we have to read everyday. I feel like my dyslexia is more severe now. I misread words, read words that aren’t even there, or I reread the same sentence over and over. I remember this complex 10-page reading assignment. Everyone in my class was saying this or that. I couldn’t understand anything and felt like a complete idiot. I called my mom crying and asked her to explain the reading assignment to me.

Even though my transition to college has been difficult, my grades are amazing. I’m passionate about my classes so I actually want to read. I needed to go through the process of struggling with reading. Now, I take my time and realize that reading slowly helps me absorb the information better.

I was so nervous when I got my first semester grades….but it was incredible. I got all A’s and 1 B. It just clicked in my brain that I can do this. I’m more engaged in class and feel better about myself. Last semester, I got all A’s! If I could have told my high-school-self that I would be getting all A’s in college level classes, I would have laughed in my own face.

Looking back, I wish I had spent more time in high school actually trying to read. But I don’t know how anyone would have been able to convinced me to do that. I think it’s mostly about believing in yourself….100%. In high school, I didn’t believe in myself and didn’t even want to try. But once you realize that you can do it, you start getting this confidence back. At the end of my freshman year, I wanted my Instagram post to say 'Finished my first year at college and learned how to read - finally!'"