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Artfully capturing the moments you don't want to forget,
so you can make them unforgetable. 

We take photographs to help us and the people we love remember something.  That 'something' should be more than a beautiful image; it should also be a feeling.

Together, we will design a unique and relaxed experience to capture and preserve the beauty and magic that already exists in your joyful, simple, celebratory, or everyday moments.  

A timeless black & white or color image capturing a look, connection, or detail is a precious gift capable of pulling our memories back into the present so that we can remember exactly how we felt in that moment. This is a gift I'd love to help you create. 

Thank you for the opportunity to use my passion for natural light photography and people to create art with you. I've been gratefully collaborating with families, seniors, couples, and professionals in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas since 2002. 

Gratitude & Kind Words: 

For more than 20 years, I've been incredibly humbled by my friends who have also become clients and especially grateful for all of my clients who have become friends.   

"Thank you so much Donna! I love all the facial expressions, and my favorites are always when you catch everyone laughing. You can just see the joy jumping right out of the picture. You are the best - that’s why we keep coming back!” 

- Maddie

"Anyone can take a picture. Donna creates bespoke photographs, intimate portraits."  

- Kelly 

"Donna has provided an outstanding service for my family on multiple occasions. Donna is professional, affordable, and extremely talented. She is also very personable, making our experience an exceptional one. For example, our one year old wanted nothing to do with taking family photos and despite his inability to participate, Donna was very empathetic and patient. She also managed to produce the most wonderful photos that we will cherish for our lifetimes. In the future, when we need a photographer, no doubt we will request her services again!" 

- Sarah

“Thank you so much for photographing our family.  The photos are fantastic not only because they are beautiful but because you were able to capture the essence of our boys.  I wanted to favorite every single picture of them smiling, being goofy, carefree, and happy.  These images are priceless and we are lucky to have them to document our family at this time in our lives.  We look forward to seeing you in the fall!” 

- Emily 

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